Two Idiots, No Script


Two idiots. Three chairs. Some lights. No script. Delightful, improvised, clownesque theatre. We invite you to glimpse into worlds, peculiar and mundane, inhabited by vulnerable weirdos. Lizzy Mace (UK) and Andreas Södermark (SWE) met at The Second City, Chicago and are now performing improvised theatre together internationally.

Emerging from the players’ shared love of calm, simple, organic improv, Awkwardly Quiet is equal parts emotional connection and big dumb fun. The performers revel in playing silence and exploring the potential in every moment, creating a show that varies from conversational to silent space play, and from the dramatic to the absurd.

This show has no hook. It is literally anything. In their debut improvised show Two Idiots, No Script, the pair generate deeply unpredictable and hugely watchable scenes inspired by nothing but the mood of each moment. No pre-set characters, no pre-defined genre, no pre-rehearsed format, just delightful, improvised, clownesque theatre.

Runs 4-16 March (not 10 or 15 March)